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We can provide hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza vaccines as well as many other vaccinations required for travel abroad. Some services may be arranged on site at your company if a large enough group requires vaccinations.

Influenza vaccine: By offering employees flu vaccines, employers can help to reduce the risk of their employees becoming infected and spreading the disease to others in the work place.  It also demonstrates the employer’s concern for its employees’ health while potentially improving overall productivity.

Hepatitis B vaccine: Per CFR29 1910.103, employers must offer hepatitis B vaccinations to any employee who has the potential risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens based on their job duties.
To obtain entry and/or residency (green card) to the United States, a thorough Immigration Medical Examination and review of current immunizations is required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). A physician who has been certified by the USCIS as a civil surgeon must conduct Immigration Medical Exam, which is required for persons of all ages.Our providers, namely Dr. Jaishri Ramesh, Dr. Marlowe Magallanes, MD, Dr. Lynda Kay, MD, Dr. Sapna Rajput, DO, and Dr. Edward Cooper, MD, are listed as USCIS Certified Civil Surgeon.
The examination will last between 1-2 hours. The results are recorded on federally designated forms. The green card medical exam requirements are determined by the age of the applicant and the completeness of his/her immunization record.

At Alliance Occupational Medicine we provide wide range of medical exams, which accommodate variety of business specific needs.

Alliance Occupational Medicine offers comprehensive employee drug screening and testing programs covering all components of drug testing. Several of our doctors, Dr. Jaishri Ramesh, Dr. Marlowe Magallanes, MD, and Dr. Gurmu, are Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). We provide easily accessible and local expertise in the interpretation of positive or questionable drug screen results. The staff is trained to strictly follow Federal Regulations and Chain of Custody collection procedures for non-DOT as well as DOT urine drug screens.

The most typical reasons for employers for implement drug testing and screening programs are following:

  • To comply with Federal regulations (i.e. the Department of Transportation)
  • To match other employer efforts, and to minimize the chance of hiring employees who may be users or abusers
  • To reinforce the company position on "no drug use"
  • To identify current users and abusers and refer them for assistance
  • To establish grounds for discipline or firing
  • To improve safety
  • To convince "casual users" that the cost of using is too high
  • To deter "recreational" drug use that could lead to addiction
  • To reduce the costs of alcohol and other drug abuse in the workplace
  • To give recovering users another reason to stay sober (relapse prevention)

We offer immediate medical care for injured workers with on site medical staff, x-ray, pharmacy, orthopedic surgery consultation, physical medicine and rehabilitation consulation, EMG/NCV diagnostic testing, QME examinations, and rehabilitation services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, hand therapy, chiropractic care and acupuncture for convenience and accessibility for patients.

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