• Avoid unnecessary ER visits, recordable injuries &increased costs
  • Establish immediate medical control
  • Direct to pre-selected medical provider when necessary
  • Establish return to work
  • Toll free number provided to clients that sign up for nurse triage program
  • Employer is only charged for service when a phone call is made to the toll free number – set up is simple
  • All phone calls to nurse triage are recorded
  • Spanish translation also available at no additional fee
  • Full summation of call and recommendations provided within 24 hours to employer in e-mailed report


Nurse Profile:

Alliance After Hours nurses are RNs and LVNs with extensive background in occupational medicine and workers’ compensation. On average, our nurses have 7-10 years experience in the field. Our nurses are trained in workers’ compensation law, Fed and CalOSHA regulation regulations regarding first aid and utilization review. In addition, they are certified in first aid and CPR by the American Red Cross. This allows our nurses to provide extensive knowledge of the appropriate medical treatment to employers and quality treatment to employees which allows for a fast recovery and return to work.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Should I call AAHNT on every injury?
  2. No. Serious injuries such as severe bleeding, severe head injuries, broken bones, amputations, etc. should be referred to 911. At no time should an employee that is seriously injured (especially head injuries) be allowed to drive. Non life threatening injuries Monday - Friday 7AM-7PM should go directly to Alliance.
  3. Should employees notify a supervisor immediatelyat the time of injury?
  4. Yes, late reporting causes delays in treatment. It severely affects the effectiveness of trying to treat the injury with first aid protocols.
  5. Should a supervisor be present?
  6. Yes, if at all possible. The supervisor can providevaluable assistance such as looking at the body part and confirming visual issues such as swelling, etc. In addition, the supervisor needs to provide an authorization slip in the event the employee must be referred to a clinic.
  7. What should the employer do if the employee doesnot want to speak to a nurse or be seen by a physician?
  8. Document the injury and body part(s) the employee is complaining about. Have a form with the date of injury and time of injury (DWC1 could be used) and have the employee write out the description of the injury, the body part affected and the statement that they are refusing medical treatment and have them date and sign the form. Keep it in the personnel file for future reference.
  9. Can an employee use their personal cell phone tocall AAHNT?
  10. No. It is preferred that they use the employer’s landline for call clarity and ease of reaching the employee back if necessary.
  11. Will the nurse be able to keep the injury a 1st aid?
  12. Not always. The nurse will assess the injury and dowhat is best for the employee and employer. Sometimes it is best for the employee to be seen and have the physician document the injury for future defense of the claim.
  13. What criteria does the nurse use to assess the injury?
  14. The nurse uses the American Red Cross 1st Aid/CPR protocols and the Telephonic Nurse Triage Protocols. The nurse is also bound by Fed and CalOSHA 1st aid definitions.
  15. If the nurse requests the employee to go home for the balance of the shift should the employer pay for the time left on the shift?
  16. Yes. If the employer does not pay for it then it may become a lost time accident. In addition, the act will create good will with the employee andallow the 1st aid treatment to become more effective (such as icing a body part).
  17. If the employee wants to see a physician can thenurse make the employee utilize 1st aid protocols?
  18. No. The nurse is obligated to send the employee to a physician if they request to see one.
  19. Should I recall AAHNT if I have already called and the employee is not better?
  20. No. Send the employee to one of the Alliance clinics. AAHNT is for triage only.

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  • Adina ~ Very helpful. Always knows what is going on. Very polite
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  • Angela ~ Angela did my blood work and was GREAT! First time ever that I didn't feel any pain; She did
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