Hearing or Audiometric Testing is required by the OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure standard, 1910.95, for all employees who work in an environment where the time weighted average (TWA) of noise is greater than 85 dBA.  Employees should be given a baseline audiogram upon initial hiring, with audiograms given annually thereafter. The annual test is compared to the employee's baseline to determine if hearing loss is occurring beyond the expected standard threshold shift.

Alliance Occupational Medicine utilizes the latest technology to conduct the hearing testing with a CAOHC certified occupational hearing conservationist. It takes just a few minutes for each individual to complete, which includes a hearing history questionnaire and the hearing test administered in a sound reduction booth.  If the testing shows that the employee has an unusual result or has sustained a standard threshold shift. It is recommended that a licensed physician examine and interview the employee, review the test, and determine if the hearing loss is occupational or not. Alternatively, the test can be repeated in 30 days and physician review can take place at that time if results remain abnormal.

Hearing Conservation Program purpose is to protect the hearing of workers exposed to noise through the use of hearing protection (ear plugs and ear muffs).  It is combined with monitoring the effectiveness of the hearing protection through a continuing program of periodic hearing testing. Employees can be given hearing conservation training which fulfills OSHA requirements for annual training of employees exposed to noise.



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