Despite the much-needed 2004 reforms to the Workers' Compensation system, insurance premiums still represent an enormous financial burden for California employers – both large and small.  Occupational injuries can dampen business productivity and profits if the care is not being properly managed or controlled.  U.S. businesses accrue direct and indirect expenses for injured and ailing employees that account up to 10 percent of the final costs of most products and services.  Reducing those costs may contribute to gaining a significant pricing advantage over competitors.

The best medical care, outstanding communication, and customized client service adds up to significant medical and disability cost savings and improved productivity through employee retention.  Similarly, implementing injury prevention programs and worksite evaluations can avert many injuries.

At Alliance Occupational Medicine, we control medical treatment costs and costs associated with lost time by:

  • Providing a diverse team of providers with experience & knowledge in occupational medicine, the ACOEM guidelines & Workers’ Compensation system.

  • Following aggressive 'Stay-at-Work' & 'Return-to-Work' philosophies & policies.

  • Calling employers after new injury.  Our doctors return all phone calls to employers, adjusters or medical case managers.

  • Using automated software systems to maintain legible records provide faxed or e-mailed work statuses at each visit.

Each AOM clinic offers a wide spectrum of occupational health services and programs for your needs.  We work with a variety of insurance carriers, and are part of nearly all Medical Provider Networks (MPN’s) in California.  Employees can be seen on a walk-in basis (without an appointment) or preferably can call in advance to schedule an appointment.  New patients and patients returning with new injuries will need to complete registration materials at the first visit.

Occupational Health Services:

o  Department of Transportation

o  Post-Offer/Pre-Employment

o  Respiratory Compliance, Hazardous Materials, Emergency Response Team


o  Fitness for Duty


Partner with us and manage your occupational health needs at convenient locations in Milpitas and Santa Clara.

Call a clinic with any questions, or to schedule an appointment for an employee.  Also, feel free to drop by either of our locations to take a tour and meet our staff and providers.

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  • Lucy ~ I recently completed a several-month series of physical therapy sessions and wanted to thank and commend Lucy Austin and
  • Adina ~ Very helpful. Always knows what is going on. Very polite
  • Dr. Cooper, Paulette, Anna, Steve, Adina, Triana ~ All of the above are so good! They work so well together &are
  • Angela ~ Angela did my blood work and was GREAT! First time ever that I didn't feel any pain; She did
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