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Found this from National Business Group on Health, a Workplace Substance Abuse, Strategies and Treatment Recommendation Guide for Employers.

Download from us here or from the original source here.

Accidents Cost Money

Safety organizations, states, small business owners and major corporations alike now realize that the actual cost of a lost workday injury is substantial. For every dollar you spend on the direct costs of a worker's injury or illness, you will spend much more to cover the indirect and hidden costs. Consider what one lost workday injury would cost you in terms of: 

  • Productive time lost by an injured employee; 
  • Productive time lost by employees and supervisors attending the accident victim; 
  • Clean up and start up of operations interrupted by the accident; 
  • Time to hire or to retrain other individuals to replace the injured worker until his/her return; 
  • Time and cost for repair or replacement of any damaged equipment or materials; 
  • Cost of continuing all or part of the employee's wages, in addition to compensation; 
  • Reduced morale among your employees, and perhaps lower efficiency; Increased workers' compensation insurance rates; and 
  • Cost of completing paperwork generated by the incident.

Remember - as the summer months heat up, keep these 10 safety tips from OSHA
in mind to avoid heat stroke:

1.   Drink cool water. Anyone working in a hot environment should drink cool
water in small amounts frequently--one cup every 20 minutes. Employers
should make water available. Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and caffeinated soft
drinks, which cause dehydration.  

2.   Dress appropriately. Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting
clothing and change clothing if it gets completely saturated. Use sunscreen
and wear a hat when working outdoors. Avoid getting sunburn.  

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