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Alliance Occupational Medicine offers comprehensive employee drug screening and testing programs covering all components of drug testing. Several of our doctors, Dr. Jaishri Ramesh, Dr. Marlowe Magallanes, MD, and Dr. Gurmu, are Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). We provide easily accessible and local expertise in the interpretation of positive or questionable drug screen results. The staff is trained to strictly follow Federal Regulations and Chain of Custody collection procedures for non-DOT as well as DOT urine drug screens.

The most typical reasons for employers for implement drug testing and screening programs are following:

  • To comply with Federal regulations (i.e. the Department of Transportation)
  • To match other employer efforts, and to minimize the chance of hiring employees who may be users or abusers
  • To reinforce the company position on "no drug use"
  • To identify current users and abusers and refer them for assistance
  • To establish grounds for discipline or firing
  • To improve safety
  • To convince "casual users" that the cost of using is too high
  • To deter "recreational" drug use that could lead to addiction
  • To reduce the costs of alcohol and other drug abuse in the workplace
  • To give recovering users another reason to stay sober (relapse prevention)

Alliance Occupational Medicine offers a comprehensive drug testing program covering all components of drug testing.  We provide easily accessible and local expertise in the interpretation of positive or questionable drug screen results.


Drug screening and testing programs were initially developed in 1989 by the Department of Transportation (DOT) in responce to the alarming number of cases of drug abuse in workplaces. The federal drug testing program focuses on urine drug testing. A chain of custody form is used to ensure the drug testing process integrity. The analysis of the urine is first processed with a general drug screening test for the presence of illicit drug; then, if the initial employee drug test screen is positive, the drug test screen is then re-tested for drug utilizing a more accurate drug test called GC/MS where the sample is vaporized and then bombarded with electrons to create a unique fingerprint of the drug tested. This drug test is valid and supportable enough to be used as evidence in a court of law.

Our program for Drug Testing services includes:

Alliance Occupational Medicine helps employers to ensure a drug and alcohol free working environment, by providing various employee drug screening programs. Employers can find helpful tools and information to setup their own drug testing programs by visiting following web-site: workplace.samhsa.gov

Our employee drug screening programs include:

A DOT drug test is often mandatory for transportation employees, across all modes of transport including air, water, roads, rails and pipeline industry. The DOT through the Omnibus Act of 1991 has laid out a set of rules and regulations to actively deter drug abuse as well as alcohol abuse among transportation personnel performing safety sensitive duties. Employees are responsible for knowing which of their employees are subject to these regulations.
Those workers that fall under Department of Transportation regulations are given a specific type of drug test. It is often a five panel test often referred to simply as a 'DOT drug screen' and the chain of custody (COC) used must be a federal form.

Alliance Occupational Medicine offers a comprehensive alcohol breath testing program. We have certified Breath Alcohol technicians who have been trained in DOT BAT protocols pursuant to Section 49 CFR Part 40 Procedures.  We can offer the best service and quickest turn-around possible.  All positive results are re-confirmed within 30 minutes.The staff is trained to follow DOT Federal Regulations procedures.


Most companies have differing and flexible guidelines in establishing non-DOT policies and procedures for drug testing, including what substances to test for and how often testing is required. One of the considerations when establishing such policy is consistency. If the company policy states that an employee is terminated for a positive drug screen, then every employee that tests positive must be terminated.
There are very few federal laws concerning drug testing by companies with non-safety-sensitive employees. However, there are some stipulations with the Labor Law that do address the issue of drug testing.

Alliance Occupational Medicine can set up random selection programs for employers for drug and alcohol screening.  The program meets the requirements for a random program set forth by the Department of Transportation, is fair to employees, and completely confidential.  The employer needs to provide Alliance Occupational Medicine a list of employees to be included in the program and some sort of identification number (social security number, employee number, driver’s license number).  The employer is also responsible for keeping Alliance updated as employees need to be added or deleted from the random pool prior to each random selection. The employers must use US DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Form (DOC or PDF) to track their testing if under DOT mandate

Dr. Jaishri Ramesh, Dr. Marlowe Magallanes and Dr. Rickie Dugal, MD - our Certified Medical Review Officers (MRO) are knowledgeable in substance abuse disorders, in the medical use of prescription drugs and the pharmacology and toxicology of illicit drugs. The primary responsibility of an MRO is to review and interpret positive test results for an employer’s DOT or Non-DOT drug testing program, in accordance with applicable regulations. Since a positive test result does not automatically identify an employee/applicant as an illegal drug user, an MRO must assess and determine whether alternate medical explanations (prescription drugs, etc.) could account for the positive test result.


Dr. Jaishri Ramesh is a member of Medical Review Officer Certification Council (MROCC).

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Alliance Occupational Medicine offers drug screen collections utilizing your company’s laboratory.  We will store and use labs supplies while following Federal Chain of Custody procedures for both DOT and non-DOT collections. Your company independently sets up an agreement with the laboratory and Medical Review Officer, and we serve as your collection agent only.

Our program for Drug Screen Collections services includes:

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